As with last time, each group will have up to 3 minutes to present. Additionally, each will have 1 min set up time and 3 min feedback after each presentation. But to ensure this everyone will have to be very efficient.

Meet with your group members before-hand and turn-up to the room 20 minutes before your presentation completely prepared.

Wait quietly until you are called into the room (check your room as there are two different venues).


Time: 15:30-17:30 Room: 013.03.011 NAMES/GROUPS
15:35 Oh My Pod (Bec) Shannen, Justin, Bryan, Diep
15:42 Bolt (Bec) Simon, Bonnie, Peter, Saori
15:49 Team Hype (Bec) Jesse, Thato, Ngoc, Nga
15:56 Vic Hyper 1 (Jan) Isabella , Kate , George , Daniel , Oliver
16:03 Vic Hyper 2 (Jan) Alousia, Lizzy, Molly, Julia
16:10 Vic Hyper 3 (Jan) Bethany, Carly, Han, Alexander
16:17 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Cass, Declan, Louie
16:24 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Lauren, Steph, Micheal, Jin
16:31 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Connor, Quin, Bridget, Nicole.
16:38 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Tash, Vivienne, Evan, Harriet, Jaylynn
16:45 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Georgia, Danielle, Peter, Emily, Zoe
16:52 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Angela, Callum, James, Natalie, Lucy
16:59 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Madelyn, Nicola, Emma, Madelaine, Taylor
17:06 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Mary, Stace, Wayne, Daniel, Duy
17:13 Vic Hyper (Hugh) Emma, Azusa, Olivia, LJ


Time: 15:30-17:30 Room: 009.03.011 NAMES/GROUPS
15:35 Uni Disrupt 1 (Jan) Jessica, Madeline, Nikki, Xin
15:42 Uni Disrupt 2 (Jan) Ellen, Lara, Nick
15:49 Uni Disrupt 3 (Hugh) Charlotte, Ruby, Bianca, Nabila


Time: 15:30-17:30 Room: 009.03.011 NAMES/GROUPS
15:56 WIDGET 3 (Hugh) Isabel, Ashleigh, Emma, Holly, Connie
16:03 WIDGET 2 (Jan) Mitch, Lea, Amy, Jess
16:10 WIDGET 3 (Jan) Holly, Jordan, Isy, Ashely
16:17 Gaming Girls (Bec) Kate, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Georgia
16:24 FMG&Co (Bec) Renee, Grace, Madeleine, Arisara
16:31 WIDGET 4 (Jan) Simone, Jonathan, Conor
16:38 WIDGET 5 (Jan) Natalie, Kyra, Ella, Adriana
16:45 WIDGET 1 (Hugh) Emma, Xiao, Morgan, Emma
16:52 WIDGET 2 (Hugh) Hien, Grace, Uyen, Tien
16:59 WIDGET 1 (Jan) Jack, Sophie, Ruby, Maddison